Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Dear Readers,

Did you miss me? I’m sorry for my lengthy absence.Where have I been? Working mostly. And dealing with ringworm. Don’t know what ringworm is? Count yourself among the fortunate.

We have a multi-cat household: three cats in the house, two in the studio, three in the barn – and five of them (the house and studio cats) came down with ringworm! And then all the humans in our household also got ringworm.

 For the past two months I have been doing laundry, vacuuming, and washing floors – not to mention dipping and medicating cats – to try to get rid of this fungus. I think we’ve got it beat now….I hope! Just writing about it makes me itch.

So, to get caught up on the artwork announcements:

I’m happy to announce that this year I have work on display at Art Show at the Dog Show. This is a huge dog show and art event in Wichita Kansas. Three of my collages were accepted. One of them is “Eric at the Beach” (below) which shows my friend Cathy’s greyhound enjoying his vacation.

The rest of my work may be found on page 18 of the exhibition website. The exhibition opens March 1st.
One of my collages is also part of the Artothèque Art Rental collection at the Stewart Hall Art Gallery. You will find  “Ti-gars” there available for purchase or rent.
The collection may now be viewed online here.
And last but not least, if you find yourself in Florida for the Winter Equestrian Festival, I hope you will stop in at the Bruno Delgrange saddle booth. Beside the beautiful handmade French saddles you will find some of my collages. Here is a sample of the work available there: