An Art Auction and a Special Exhibition

As an artist, I am always on the lookout for new ways to connect with art lovers. And I think being artist also gives me a ‘try anything once’ mentality, because, hey, you never know right? So this month I have decided to try something new: ArtBomb.

I have known about ArtBomb for a while and have been a subscriber for a few years. Now I hear you asking, ‘What is an ARTBOMB?’ Well let me tell you….

ArtBomb is an online art auction for Canadian artists which provides a list of subscribers with a daily dose of Canadian art delivered to their email inboxes. If you like the art and want to own it, you can bid on it. Simple as that.

So why am I telling you this? Because I submitted a selection of images to the Montreal curator and was accepted! This little 12 x 12 Chickadee will be included in the auction for Sunday, December 18th.

Chickadee Three 12 X 12


And this little guy, also 12 x 12, comes up on December 19th (that’s Monday).

The opening bid will start well below the retail price. And it’s an auction, so you never know what is going to happen. You might come away with a bargain!

If you want in on the action, sign up is here.


Howick Elementary After School Art Program Vernissage

For approximately the past fourteen years, I have been teaching after school art classes to children at the elementary level. Although I have taught at a few schools, Howick Elementary is special to me because a) I went to school there myself (in a time before Disco, when bell bottoms ruled the earth),  and b) because it is a small country school with a fully stocked ART ROOM WITH A FUNCTIONING SINK. If you have ever tried to teach twenty kids a monochromatic painting exercise in a room WITHOUT a sink, you will understand why this matters.

Each year at Howick we (my awesome teacher co-pilot Chris Wallace and I) teach two sessions of Art Club. The first session is for Grades 1-3, so kids between the ages of six and nine. At the end of each session the school hosts a vernissage complete with juice and ‘hors d’oeuvres’ for the young artists and their families.

Here are some samples of the exhibition for Grades 1-3 held this past Wednesday, December 14th:

Matisse-inspired paper collages.

Vernissage for kids and their families.

Watercolour/mixed media projects and a snowman perspective exercise.

The kids are so proud (and rightly) of their work, and the parents are always genuinely delighted. The best part for me is turning kids on to the pleasure of making art and seeing how they can be surprised by their own abilities. I ran into a mother of one of my students yesterday and she asked my advice for types of paint to get because her daughter wanted art supplies for Christmas. And another artist is born.