Nonesuch Art on Paper Awards

Fellow collage artist Elizabeth St-Hilaire sent me the info for this exhibition/contest, which is pretty funny since the exhibition is in Canada, and Elizabeth lives in Florida. The Nonesuch Art on Paper Awards looked like an interesting opportunity, so I decided to send a submission. Lo and behold, my collage ‘Reflections’ was accepted.


The exhibition, which drew artists from around the globe, opened in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia in August and then traveled to Montréal, Québec, where it closes this Friday. Details below. Sorry to be so late getting this information out; things have been a bit crazy around here.


 Check out this very cool loft space where the Montréal leg of the exhibition is being held. Yes, those are enormous wooden beams at 141 Ann Street in Griffintown.



141 Rue Anne, Montréal. (Photo source Main & Station)

And it gets better: The Nonesuch Art on Paper Awards got a very nice write up in Montréal’s very hip and prestigious Kolaj Magazine. Check out who gets a mention here .


For the first time in a long time I have painted a landscape. And yes you read that correctly, PAINTED, not collaged. That makes two oil paintings in a row! No, this is the start of a major change of artistic direction. I had a couple of overdue commissions to execute and figured I had better get them done.

This painting is pretty big: 36 X 24, oil on linen. ‘Waterfall’ was inspired by a photo my daughter took in Mount Royal Park in Montreal a couple of years ago.

Waterfall 36 X 24 oil on linen © 2015 Alyson Champ
Mount Royal Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed New York’s Central Park. As you can imagine, Mount Royal is a gem! It is a green oasis atop the summit of a small mountain, right smack in the heart of North America’s most beautiful city…. Not that I’m biased or anything.
View of Montreal from Mount Royal
© 2012 Anna Kiraly
Okay, well maybe just a little.