Shh…It’s a Secret!

Yikes! No posts in over a month! Things tend to get a little crazy on the farm once spring rolls around and whatever time I have when I’m not out in the barn, I have been spending in the studio. Yes, I have been busy creating, but no, not really too busy to blog. The lack of blog updates had more to do with the nature of the work than with a lack of time.
A couple of months back I got an email from an old friend I first met in art class back in high school. My friend, Tracy Martin, and her siblings wanted to commission a collage from me to give to their mother on her birthday. The collage was to be a surprise and Tracy’s mom reads this blog (Hi Tracy’s mom!) so no posting images of the work in progress on the blog. Now the collage is finished and delivered, the birthday surprise has come and gone, and I am free to show what has kept me busy for the past month.

“Blue Heron” – 20×24 painted paper collage on panel ©2011 Alyson Champ
“Blue Heron” – detail
This collage was something of a challenge owing to its size – 20×24 inches- and my increasing predilection for detail . Also, I really wanted to do justice to the reference photo which was supplied by Tracy, a professional photographer of considerable talent. It isn’t everyday that I get to use such beautiful photography as a starting point. If you would like to see the original photo, it can be found on Tracy’s blog, Photo Sage. I hope you’ll spend some time looking through the photo archives. If you do, your effort will be richly rewarded, and you will find a multitude of images which are not only visually gorgeous, but which are also deeply moving. I encourage you to check it out. Tracy also has a more formal website, just click here.