Art on the Move

First, for the art news:

This winter several of my collages on display at Main and Station’s lovely gallery space in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Main and Station is a gallery/depARTment store, a café, and an art residency/workshop space all rolled into one fabulous old renovated building. Owner Judith Bauer sent me some photos of my work on the walls of her gallery. My Black Orpington Rooster collage is hanging out with some of the gallery’s other paintings and sculptures.

Click here for more details about the gallery and for opening hours.


I also recently shipped several equine themed collages down to Solaris Art Gallery in Versailles, Kentucky. Among the pieces currently on the walls of Solaris are these two collages:

Le Cheval qui élève l’esprit 12 x 14 mixed media collage on panel.



Race Time, Saratoga – 8×10 collage on panel/collage sur panneau.

If you are in the Lexington, KY, area and would like to see the rest of the collage collection, you can find them here:


And now that I am finished talking about myself, I would like to introduce you to somebody else.

Facebook can be a huge waste of time for pretty much all of us. And if you are self-employed, social media is a time suck that is hard to avoid. One of the perks, though, is that every now and then you meet somebody you would not encounter if social media did not exist. Just recently I met sculptor Maggie MacLellan on Facebook….And I’m glad I did!

Maggie makes hilarious paper mâché sculptures, mostly of animals. As you can see, she is a girl after my own heart.

Flying pigs and a skateboarding French Bulldog. I’m still laughing!


Birds of a Feather

On Monday I had the pleasure of meeting Mohawk artist Natasha Smoke Santiago. She came to my studio as a guest of the MRC du Haut St. Laurent, which is the regional governing body in my area of southwestern Quebec. The visit was arranged by Luc de Tremmerie, who is the Coordinator of Cultural Development for this region. Natasha and Huntingdon artist John Ryan (shown below) are collaborating in the joint creation of murals in the MRC du Haut St. Laurent and in Akwesasne, the Mohawk Nation territory – which straddles Quebec, Ontario, and New York state – where Natasha Smoke Santiago lives and works. 
Natasha Smoke Santiago and John Ryan
Natasha is a potter, painter, and mixed media artist. The first thing I noticed about her work is her love of the female form, especially evident in her sculptures of heavily pregnant bellies. I love the rich brown colour of this one.
Burnt Pot by Natasha Smoke Santiago

Natasha describes her work as ” …heavily influenced by her Haudenosaunee heritage, history and teachings. She also draws upon the experiences of her life as inspiration for her works. Much of her work tells a tale, or has a story behind it…”.

Mother Fracker by Natasha Smoke Santiago
We talked shop for a while, comparing methods and materials as artists are wont to do whenever they get together. Our visit was also filmed by a videographer as part of a documentary. I hope to have more information about that soon.
Natasha and I also discovered in the course of our conversation that we have a mutual fascination with corvids, i.e. crows and ravens. (Go figure!) I especially like this painting by Natasha of a crow with a stolen kernel of corn in its beak. Typical crow!
Blue Corn Crow  by Natasha Smoke Santiago
If you would like to see more of Natasha’s wonderful work, I encourage you to visit her website The Storytellers House.