It’s On the List

Organization is not the strong suit of artists, or so I have been told. A cluttered work space is, allegedly, indicative of a highly creative mind. If this is true, I should be an artistic genius.

This is what my studio normally looks like:

This is what my studio looks like when a journalist is coming over to interview me.


To counteract my natural tendency towards chaos, I am a compulsive maker of lists. I make a list each week of all the things I need to get done, although I admit certain items do seem to carry over for weeks on end. Those are the things I really don’t WANT to do, but which also aren’t urgent.  At a certain point the annoyance of having to transcribe these items from list to list becomes more annoying than actually doing the things. That is when I actually do them.

Also, it is worth noting, if something isn’t on the list, it doesn’t officially exist. This is a scientific fact.


Still Life of To Do Lists with Highlighter and Coffee Stains

So if you are thinking that Write a Blog Post  was on this week’s list – YOU’RE RIGHT!

Another thing on my list was to make an animation of my collage process. I often photograph my work at various stages of its development, so I have a collection of Work in Progress photos.  I have put together some of these images in chronological order to give you a sense of how I work and how the work develops. This is an animation of the creation of Duck Day Afternoon, a 24 x 30 inch painted paper collage on panel. It begins, as all my large works do, with a drawing, and proceeds from there. Let me know what you think.


More Snow, More Lambs, and a Video!

If my calculations are correct, today is our 124th day of winter and we are enjoying yet another snowstorm. This must be pretty close to a record, I would think.

I made the mistake of walking out to our back pasture this morning to get a shot of the farm. I should have gone on skis because the snow was over my boots. As you can see, even my dog wasn’t sticking around.
Normally by this time of year the ground is bare and my crocuses are poking their heads out to catch the first rays of warm spring sun. Never mind crocuses, we haven’t seen the ground since late November, so I broke down and bought a pot of daffodils. Spring has almost arrived in my studio. 
The lambs keep coming, too. So far we have four sets of twins and a single with a couple of ewes left to go.
Here are some of the babies cuddled up together in the lamb creep. A creep is a small place for little lambs to go where they get introduced to eating grain and hay without being disturbed by the big sheep. They also like to hang out in there and I frequently find them all sleeping together in a warm, wooly little pile.
And now for the exciting art related news:
 Last spring my photographer friend Tracy Martin came for a visit and shot a couple of hours of video footage of the farm and of me working in my studio. Now I am happy to be able to share with you the results here!