Cheerful Companions

Most days, weather permitting, I take a walk in the woods behind our farm. I see remarkable things sometimes, like the time I caught a glimpse of a wolverine. But most of the time I see animals such as deer, grouse, and  turkeys, many different birds of prey, and generally birds of all kinds.

Pretty well all the birds clear out when they spot me coming, all the birds except for the chickadees that is. They continue to go about their business. And what a lot of business they have, too. Such busy little things. Of all the birds I see they always look the happiest, and they never fail to cheer me up. I thought it was past time that they appeared in my art, so I have planned a series of four collages depicting these cheerful little birds.





And here is the first one finished.


Chickadee One, 12x12 collage on panel

Chickadee One, 12×12 collage on panel

Now he or she just needs a suitable title.