Everything’s Coming Up Daisy

Daisy and Arnold waiting for a treat. Photo by the artist

Daisy, a miniature Dachshund, and Arnold, a Dachshund cross, are the much loved fur children of Margot and Tommy MacKinnon. The MacKinnons kindly submitted to my weird request to photograph their dogs wearing their doggie sweaters with a view to including Daisy and Arnold in my Well Dressed Dogs collage series.

Daisy and Arnold are something of a study in opposites. Daisy, the smaller of the two, is nevertheless the louder and more assertive- definitely a wild, feisty female.

Daisy standing her ground. Photo by the artist.

Arnold, on the other hand, has more of a laid back vibe going for him. He is lovably goofy (but polite) and will do pretty much anything for food.

Arnold, what are you looking at? Photo by the artist.

We had a good photo shoot on a nice mid-winter day. Outside first, but the space of the yard was a little too distracting for the dogs, so we went inside. In my mind’s eye I had imagined making a collage of the pair of dogs together on a chair. This was a little more difficult to arrange than I had anticipated: two dogs with two very different personalities and two different attention spans where the promise of a cookie is concerned. Arnold might have sat nicely for me all day. And Daisy? Well, forget about that idea.

Eventually I settled on the design for two separate collage portraits (both keeping the chair idea) which I hope revealed a little bit of each dogs personality. The preparatory drawing for Arnold is below:

Arnold Would Like a Cookie – 8.5″x11″ pencil drawing
on paper ©2011 Alyson Champ

And for Daisy:

Pencil study for Daisy Wears Red (©2011 Alyson Champ

Happily, I was able to get the Daisy collage finished. And here she is:

Daisy Wears Red – 8″x7″ painted paper and fabric collage on panel, © 2011 Alyson Champ

If you would like to see the step by step progression of this collage, please check out my Facebook fan page. Photos are posted there.