Getting Back to Normal

Wherever that is. 

I’ve got a teenager who has gone away to college and a husband who is no longer in a wheelchair- although he is still on crutches- so it is getting easier to put in some daily consecutive hours in the studio. And what am I working on?

It is August, so it must be…


“Birches in Snow” a collage in progress

I am working with my usual acrylic painted papers with the addition of some found papers mixed in. The plan is to create the birch trees using magazine stock, having the print stand in for the grey of the trees. I’m curious to see the end result. 

When I’m not in the studio or in the barn, you can usually find me in the garden. It has been a dry summer here in St. Crazy, but the only thing in the garden that seems to be suffering is the zucchini- a mixed blessing, really. I usually end up foisting them on people. Not so this year, though.

But check out the cabbage! I grew them under floating row covers this year and they are slug-free perfection.

Photo copyright the artist.

I know you’re jealous.