Long Overdue

It’s a good thing that this blog isn’t a library book or I would be in some serious trouble. Yes, it has been a while.

Spring did finally happen here and summer has just begun. The crops are growing and our farm is bustling with activity. The studio has been a busy place, too.

This is the second year of my affiliation with Mackinac’s Little Gallery on the lovely resort of Mackinac Island, Michigan.

These are some new pieces which are available at the gallery:

“Arch Rock” 8 X 6 painted paper collage on panel
$245 US

“CYC Race to Mackinac” 10 X 10 painted paper collage on panel.
$325 US

“The Iroquois Hotel” 4 3/4 X 9 painted paper collage on panel.
$260 US
I am also very happy to announce my new affiliation with Solaris Gallery of Versailles, Kentucky. If you are in the Lexington, KY area, stop in and check out the beautiful, varied work.  Besides art, the gallery holds a bunch of regular events, including a philosophy club!
These equine collages are currently available at Solaris:
“Capture the Wind” 7 X 5 painted paper collage on panel.
$215 US

“Pinto” 7 X 5 painted paper collage on panel.
$215 US
And, of course, new work is also available on my website here