New Book, New Work, New…Dog?

Good news! The last time I wrote a blog post I was awaiting the publication of Katherine Tyrrell’s book, Drawing 365. The book has arrived and it is GREAT! I’m so glad I got to be part of this wonderful project.

Drawing 365 is absolutely full of useful tips and techniques. Just flipping through it is a terrific way to stimulate (or reawaken) your desire to draw; there are so many things to try! Here is the back cover.
Psst. My collage is on page 48.
And in other news, we have a new dog. After our old girl Nelly died in the fall, we knew we would need another largish dog to be a watch dog and all around companion on the farm. It took some time to find the right dog, but we eventually lucked out at Woof Rescue in Howick, Quebec. We met Henry shortly before Christmas, and I think we can safely say it was love at first sight for everybody. Well maybe not so much for the cats, but that situation is improving.
So here is Henry. As you can see, he is already making himself quite at home in my studio.
Of course there is new artwork in progress. The first collage of 2015 is going to be a large landscape. “Bog” will be 24×36- the biggest one yet, I think. I’m pretty excited to get going on this piece. I spent a day  working up a preliminary drawing to plot out my main shape areas as well as values. The drawing is done in sharpie and ink wash. Here it is below with the freshly prepped panel in my studio.
Because this is such a large project, I thought new collage papers were in order. 
Really this is just an excuse to have fun with paint and to make some new stamps. I think I will do some more of this ‘work’ tomorrow too, you know, just to be sure I have enough.