Order from Disorder?

Right now my studio looks like this:

I’m really happy to be getting walls at last, but not so happy with the chaos and dust. I can’t even get at my collage supplies at the moment. Fortunately, I could lay my hands on my old portable easel which I dragged into the house so I could start something at least resembling work.
Today I started an oil painting, something I haven’t done in a while. I have a total of FOUR commissioned oil paintings to execute in the next little while, and I feel very out of practice since I haven’t held a brush for that purpose in over a year. I thought I needed a  warm up instead of diving right into the commissioned work, something to take the pressure off a little.

I spotted the photo of a pretty pony filly on a friend’s Facebook page a while ago and asked if I could use the picture as a reference. I made the drawing a couple of weeks ago.

This morning I transferred the drawing to a small, square panel.
First, I like to figure out where the main dark areas will be. 

Then I do a general “blocking in” of basic colours in the dark to mid value range. I always marvel at painters who can finsh a painting in sections.  I was taught to bring all the parts of a painting along at the same rate.
I can still hear one of my old painting teachers bellowing, “START EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME; FINISH EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME!” Or maybe it’s just because I am using his old portable Jullian easel and it’s HAUNTED!

Having hit the point where I am simply moving paint around, this is as far as I could get today. I will try to get her finished tomorrow.