Ordo ab chao

The other day I watched a TED Talk video about procrastination. I felt pretty good about myself by the end of it because I realized I am not much of a procrastinator. My problem is organization. I have no trouble meeting deadlines without last minute panic providing I remembered to write the deadline date down on the calendar. Sometimes I forget to write the deadline down.

Likewise, when I am in deep working on a studio project, my work space gets chaotic. This is what my work table looks like right now:


Once my surroundings have reached this stage of disorder, I start to lose things in the clutter. I have made a handy-dandy info-graphic to explain the situation.


I wish I had the strength of character not to succumb constantly to this time wasting disorder. Perhaps there is a TED Talk for the chronically disorganized.

And yet, work does get completed. These four Chickadees from my Winter Birds series are ready for the varnish table and will soon be ready for new homes. Each collage is on a cradled 12 X 12 inch wooden panel. No frame is necessary. $505 each. I will offer a discount if you wish to purchase more than one. Free shipping within Canada.

Chickadee Four 12 X 12

Chickadee Four 12 X 12 $505 CAD



Winter Bird: Chickadee One

Chickadee One 12 X 12 $505 CAD


Chickadee Three 12 X 12 $505 CAD

Chickadee Two 12 x 12

Chickadee Two 12 X 12 $505 CAD

Now it’s back to the chaos for me!