Spring Has Sprung…..Not!

Spring officially arrived here a couple of days ago. It was, of course, ushered in by a snow storm. This is what my studio entrance looked like on the vernal equinox.
And as I look outside the window of my office right now, I see that it is snowing. Again.
I know I’m not the only one looking forward to a change in temperature. Our sheep were shorn last week and now they find it too cold to go outside. The chickens remain trapped in their coop. Even the barn cats don’t care to be out much. I should say that I use the term “barn cats” loosely. Yes, we do have some cats in the barn, but I also have three who objected to the cold winter temperatures so much that they took up residence in my studio and are now studio cats. Safe as they are from the elements, it’s practically impossible to get them to go outside. Honestly, who can blame them? They know they have it good!
From left to right they are Trinket, Penny, and Primrose in the box. Primrose spends a lot of time in boxes. So much so that she is featured in my newest collage, appropriately titled “Cat in the Box”
“Cat in the Box” 9×12 painted and found paper and cardboard on cradled mdf panel.
Yes, part of the box in the collage is made from a real box. Collage is fun like that!