The Swing of Things

Hmmm…monthly blog posts seem to be all I can manage these days. Still, I suppose monthly is better than not at all.

Summer is in full swing here on the farm. Crops are getting tall; roosters are getting fat, and the garden has sped into that uber productive phase of mid-summer. We recently arrived at the “if we don’t grow it, we don’t eat it” point of no return. Goodbye, supermarket produce!

And mostly it has been a good summer. Sure, some crops fail, but far more are succeeding. We tried to grow some new varieties this year. I couldn’t resist the name of this lettuce in the seed catalogue: Drunken Woman! Isn’t she lovely? Tasty, too. Not quite sure how she got the name, though.

A few years ago I bought a small black currant bush and plonked it into the vegetable garden. It has bloomed for a couple of years, but never produced fruit – until this year! The black currants are just about ripe, and the small bush is weighed down with fruit. I’m thinking about jam…

Here are a few more garden photos to whet your appetite.
Genovese Basil

Green Bush Beans

A nice crisp lettuce – I forget the name!

Ruby Red Chard

Loads of red currants
Oh, were you expecting some art? Yes, there is that, too! Here are a few recent pieces.
“Colorful Gray” 10X8″ painted paper collage on cradled panel.

“Flower Box” 5×7 painted paper collage on panel.

“Thought” 24X24″ painted paper collage on cradled panel.