The Well Dressed Dog

My first collage of 2011, and the second dog collage in what I hope will be a series of Dogs in Coats, is finished. The subject of this collage is Gus, a pug who belongs to a friend. Here he is below.

Gus- photo by Alison Taylor

Cute little fellow, isn’t he? And also strangely noble. Big dogs often look goofy, but small dogs have a way of exuding self importance: they really don’t seem to understand the whole size-thing. I guess that’s just part of what makes little dogs so endearing.

As you can see, the photo of Gus shows him in a black coat. Black is not an especially easy colour to work with when making art. As colours go, plain black looks flat and dead and really dominates the composition. So, the black was out. I could also see that for design purposes the stumps would be problematic. As much I liked the original picture, clearly some changes would be in order.

Sorting out the background and removing the stumps wasn’t much of an issue. But the colour of the doggy coat? Well, would it be Red Gus?

Photo by the artist

Or Blue?

Photo by the artist

After pondering this dilemma for a while, I remembered that I have a collection of silk neckties in the craziest colours and patterns. Finally, a solution presented itself.

Gus– 8×6 painted paper and fabric collage on panel ©2011 Alyson Champ

Here is Gus in his new sport coat made from a silk necktie dating from the early eighties. It’s what all the fashionable lap dogs are wearing this season.
Gus -detail

Next up, Dachshunds!